An inspirational leader with over 30 years’ experience of helping organisations develop the skill, will and grit to succeed regardless of what happens.

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Dr Sandra Bell

A strong influencer who is able to rapidly assimilate complex regulatory and stakeholder environments and ensure risk and compliance solutions are intimately aligned to corporate strategy.

Advisor to UK Government on the creation of the National Security Strategy and the National Information Assurance Strategy.

Former Chairman of the British Standards Institute’s committee on Societal Security Management looking after risk Management, organisational resilience, business continuity, crisis management and PCI standards at both the national and international level. Created the fundamentals of ISO22301.

Delivered comprehensive security solutions during London 2012 at three Olympic Venues including Team USA’s High-Performance Training Centre and the China Central Television’s UK operation.

Identified the injury mechanism associated with explosive blast and patented a material system that now forms the basis of all modern bomb disposal equipment.