Operational Resilience in the UK Finance Sector: 5 questions that every organization should be asking

06 November 2020


Operational Resilience in the UK Finance Sector: A tough balancing act for organizations

23 October 2020


Chairman for the Resilience Stream

30 September 2020

Our CEO, Dr. Sandra Bell, chaired the Resilience stream for this international on-demand conference.


WAR, What is it Good For?

Guest blog for Fortress Availability Services

30 July 2020

Over the years our CEO, Dr. Sandra Bell, has written a lot about Work Area Recovery. She has also spent large sums of money on behalf of the various organizations that she has worked for buying it. In this blog she discusses if the need for Work Area Recovery is no more.


On Thursday 25 June 2020 our CEO was on Radio 4’s The Bottom Line with Evan Davis talking about post-pandemic resilience. The programme covered all aspects of resilience from the leadership challenge to operational issues.

30 June 2020


We are really excited to announce a new Data Risk Health Check service using trust-hubTM‘s award winning data governance platform.

There has been a huge explosion in the adoption of technology for remote collaboration and communication – much of which has been outside normal procurement processes. This has not only dramatically increased exposure to privacy and cyber risks but also threatened GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance for many organisations.

17 May 2020

Training Course

We are pleased to announce that the BCI Pandemic Recovery Course, written and presented by Dr Sandra Bell, is now live.

The course is aimed at the business continuity professionals and teams that are involved in planning for the implementation of robust return to work policies and developing continuity processes for systems that have undergone intensive and sudden change.

15 May 2020


COVID-19: Organizational Resilience recovery checklist

A short checklist to ensure that organisational resilience is not eroded during recovery.

12 May 2020


Listen to Dr Sandra Bell in conversation with Rina Singh discussing crisis leadership in COVID-19

24 April 2020


Do your business continuity plans take into account your interim operating model?

09 April 2020


Crisis Leadership Coaching

The four traits of successful Crisis Leaders and how coaching can enhance them

06 April 2020


COVID-19: Crisis Leadership for the “long-haul”

31 March 2020


COVID-19: Coronavirus and Organisational Resilience

19 March 2020