World class crisis leadership and organisational resilience training based on real-world experience of managing crisis, emergency and disaster recovery activities.

We deliver individual, group and organisation wide evaluation, coaching and advisory services that inlude:

Preparing the Leadership Teams with interactive, coach-led crisis management awareness workshops and masterclasses, that focus on the different roles and responsibilities that the leadership need to fulfil.

Delivering performance coaching to address the psychological and cognitive challenges that affect crisis response, including:

  • Dynamic risk assessments
  • Decision-making under stress
  • High performance team dynamics
  • Shared situational awareness
  • Action orientated leadership.

Conducting war-games, stress-tests and exercises as well as bench-marking your businesses organisational and operational resilience.

Providing effective and realistic media training for groups and key individuals, using genuine broadcast journalists and crews with broad experience of coaching for success.

Traditional emergency training approaches are generally not sufficient to be able to develop the competencies and confidence in executive leaders to deal with the complex, abnormal, unstable and unexpected conditions that normally define a crisis. 

The Business Resilience Company fills the gap between theory and experience by delivering realistic scenario based coaching, giving your organisation the develop the skill, will and grit to succeed regardless of what happens.

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